Rock Aqua Jays Water Ski Show Team    20-Time National Champions    Janesville, Wisconsin

2018 Beach Party Matt Wilson Ben Kopp
2017 Star Wars Aaron Schoelzel Tim Cullen
2016 The Legend of Zorro Dave Rezin Tim Cullen
2015 Pirates of Traxler Island Joel Shapiro Tim Cullen
2014 Batman Aaron Schoelzel Tim Cullen
2013 Hatfields & McCoys Tim Cullen, Dave Rezin, Hayley (Sarow) Wilson Joel Shapiro
2012 Raiders of the Lost Rock Dave Rezin Joel Shapiro
2011 Back to the Future Dave Rezin Joel Shapiro
2010 SkiSI: Janesville Dave Rezin, Matt Klay Joel Shapiro
2009 Skifeld: Season 1 Gerry Luiting Joel Shapiro
2008 Skifeld: Pilot Episode Gerry Luiting Joel Shapiro
2007 Mission Ski-Possible Dave Rezin, Matt Klay Joel Shapiro
2006 Empire Records Joel Williams Joel Shapiro
2005 Extreme Makeover: Show Ski Edition Matt Klay Joel Shapiro
2004 Ferris Bueller's Senior Year Mike Baker Joel Shapiro
2003 The Jayverly Ski-Billies Dave Rezin David Drum
2002 Jayberry Jennifer (Kuolt) Rezin David Drum
2001 Little Shop Jim Post Rainy Knutson
2000 Dreamcoat Tim Cullen Rainy Knutson
1999 How to Succeed Tim Cullen Darrell Shelby
1998 Island of the South Pacific Joel Williams Darrell Shelby
1997 Atlantis Tim Cullen Darrell Shelby
1996 Thrill Show Pete Bonert Darrell Shelby
1995 River of Dreams Rich LaCount Bob Birkholz
1994 Green Acres Gerry Luiting Darrell Shelby
1993 Lone Rock to Gold Rock Scott Sveum, Tim Cullen, Gerry Luiting Darrell Shelby
1992 Hot Rocks Drive-In Tim Cullen Rainy Knutson
1991 Knights of the Rock Tim Cullen Rainy Knutson
1990 New Kids on the Dock Rich LaCount Rainy Knutson
1989 Ski-Haw Bob Glende Bob Birkholz
1988 Dragnet Joe Sauser Tom Cullen
1987 Pyramid Productions - On Broadway Brian Cullen Bob Birkholz
1986 S.M.A.S.H. Brian Cullen Bob Birkholz
1985 Pyramid Drive-In (1950s) Rich LaCount Bob Birkholz
1984 M-Ski-V John Back J.R. Wilson
1983 FantaSki Island Dave Wiskie J.R. Wilson
1982 ABSki's Wide World of Sports Gerry Luiting Tom Cullen
1981 Themed Acts Kim Howarth Tom Cullen
1980 Themed Acts Jerry Jensen J.R. Wilson
1979 Themed Acts Dick Stluka J.R. Wilson
1978 Themed Acts Dick Stluka Duane Snow
1977 n/a n/a Duane Snow
1976 n/a n/a Duane Snow
1975 n/a n/a Lance Elliott
1974 n/a n/a Lance Elliott
1973 n/a n/a Bob Speers
1972 n/a n/a unknown
1971 n/a n/a Bob Grassl
1970 n/a n/a unknown
1969 n/a n/a unknown
1968 n/a n/a unknown
1967 n/a n/a unknown
1966 n/a n/a Francis Schoenrock
1965 n/a n/a Don Snyder
1964 n/a n/a Don Snyder
1963 n/a n/a Don Snyder
1962 n/a Tom Kuhlow Roger Sterk
1961 n/a Tom Kuhlow Roger Sterk

About the Rock Aqua Jays

We perform twice-weekly water ski shows free of charge on Sunday and Wednesday evenings from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend.

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Donations are tax-deductible.

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P.O. Box 1046
Janesville, WI 53547-1046
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